The SwingLab Story

For Andy Hilton, a Jackson, Mississippi-based craftsman and designer, swings have always held a special appeal. Raised in the American South, where swings are an iconic feature on every porch, he recognized a void in modern swing design and set out to fill it with something wonderful. The result is SwingLab.


Move it. Change it. Make it yours.
An updated look isn’t the only thing that sets SwingLab apart from the classic porch swing, hanging swing beds and other modern seating ideas. The underlying genius of SwingLab is a modular design that gives you the flexibility (and fun) of putting the backrests wherever you want. Today, a swing. Tomorrow, a lounger. The next day, who knows? It’s up to you.

swing modular and modern


The swing you grew up with. All grown up.
“The midcentury look of the swing is a product of its function, and not the other way around,” Andy says. “I started by stripping away all pre-conceived notions of what a swing is. Then, I added elements back in the simplest way I knew how.” The result is a piece so clean and simple, it blends seamlessly into nearly any environment. It’s elegant, but not pretentious. SwingLab works well with all types of existing furniture and spaces.

stretch out on a modern swing


Solid cypress meets sleek aluminum.
A legendary native of deep Southern swamplands, Bald Cypress has long been prized for natural beauty, remarkable strength and unrivaled resistance to damage from the elements and insects. That’s why SwingLab uses locally sourced cypress on the seat and backrests. These pieces are set on an lightweight aluminum frame, which we also get from a local supplier. The frame is suspended from galvanized steel aircraft cable for a distinctively modern look and added strength.

midcentury swing hung by cables


Come be part of something bigger.
For the SwingLab studio, community is vital. We’re proud to be part of Midtown Jackson, Mississippi, where inspiration abounds despite limited resources. Here, a renaissance is taking root, and it’s one you can be a part of. At SwingLab, we support local businesses whenever possible. We use materials from the closest sources available. And our unused warehouse space is home to architects, craftsmen and musicians who share our values. Along with neighboring studios in the small but growing Midtown Arts District, we provide workshop, exhibit and event space that brings our community together through all aspects of the arts—from live music and dance performances to gallery shows, studio tours and free arts festivals. It’s a movement we’re proud to support. And you can, too, when you bring SwingLab to your home. To see what else is Made in Midtown, visit Made In Midtown.

loft living swing